Facts You Should Know About the Gaggia Classic Coffee Maker – Review

Waiting in line to order a fresh, custom made coffee or espresso can take a big chunk of time out of your day and ends up being expensive in the end, especially whenever you’re looking for a caffeine boost on a daily basis. When you realize the time and money you’ve been wasting, you start looking for a better solution in the form of a coffee maker.

Where did the Gaggia Classic Coffee/Espresso Maker Come From?

The Gaggia company was founded in Italy in the 1930’s to offer the best tasting espressos it could in bars and later on, in people’s homes. When the Gaggia Classic Coffee Maker first arrived on the market, it was called the Coffee Gaggia.

Thanks to newer advancements in design, the Coffee Gaggia was able to have a makeover and was turned into the Classic Coffee Maker we see today.

What Changes Were Made to the Coffee Gaggia?


  • A “turbo frother” was added along with a milk frother (which is optional). The milk frother adds foamed milk straight into the mug.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish instead of the old enamel finish that keeps water from penetrating any imperfections that the machine may come across.
  • More robust look to the steam knob (which is now located on the side of the machine.
  • Thermostat light replaced with a “ready light”


From what consumers have stated online, there are many benefits to the new and improved coffee maker and there are little to no complaints. A few of the better benefits that this product offers is:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Works well with different espresso beans
  3. Comes with an instructional DVD
  4. Compact and Durable
  5. Boiler is small and powerful
  6. Large brass portafilter
  7. Can be used on a daily basis

Consumer Reviews

Reading online consumer reviews are a must before purchasing a product, especially if the product is more on the expensive side. After reading reviews, I found that these were a few of the more helpful ones:

Dominika from Amazon- She states that the make and build of this product gets a 5-star rating in her book and from her experience working with commercial machines at various coffee houses, she believes that the parts inside of the Classic Gaggia are as heavy duty as the big machines that cost thousands of dollars.

To sum up the rest of her review, the toggle switches are easy to use, the reservoir is easy to fill, and the shots smell wonderful and are full of cream. Her only complaint is the steaming wand because it doesn’t rotate in every direction.

Herkfe from Amazon- After wasting money on cheaper espresso machines that broke quickly, Herkfe decided to finally upgrade to the Classic Gaggia and he/she feels that it was worth the money. They state that there is a nice water reservoir and single and double filter baskets that stayed in place without any issues.

C.Ortiz from Amazon- This user had been using the coffee maker for a full year before putting up a review. Ortiz learned a lot about brewing from the get-go and felt that it was very rewarding. The only problem they had was with the aluminum boiler, but after cleaning it as recommended, it still runs. In order to avoid the boiler corrosion, this reviewer suggests that the boiler be upgraded to a brass one (just like the brass portafilters).

As you can see, these Amazon customers have enjoyed the taste of their espressos along with how well the product is made and only have minor issues that can be easily fixed. Herkfe did not have any problems to report in his/her review.

Minor Negatives

  1. Steaming wand is flimsy plastic and doesn’t move well, but it can be replaced with a different style of wand.
  2. Boiler will corrode over time, but can be easily replaced.

The two main negatives are easy to deal with since parts can be replaced and probably should be replaced after awhile anyway since nothing lasts forever and elements break down over time.


  • It is best to take the coffee maker apart once a week to give it a thorough cleaning since leftover water can attract bacteria.
  • Before brewing, you may want to run water through the grouphead to heat it up.

Additional Notes

If you plan on purchasing the Gaggia Classic coffee maker then you should know that for the better quality, it is a little more on the expensive side (around $400) and can be bought on Amazon for a discounted price and shipped for free. Remember not to purchase a product from an unknown website that seems “too good to be true”.


After researching and reading up on this product, I believe that the better build and extra features are worth the price you pay. The fresh taste of coffee and free shipping both can’t be beat and this pushes me to give this product a thumbs up of recommendation.

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